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Oil and gas Welding Services


We’re Your Pennsylvania Oil and Gas Welding and Maintenance Contractor

Oil and gas industries in Pennsylvania have trusted partnering with Iron Associates, Inc. for more than 10 years. That’s because we have a team of experts ready to provide a series of integrated services for all your oil and gas needs.


We can assist with the design and build of your projects, as well as the maintenance and any last-minute emergencies. Experts predict that the oil and gas industry is going to quickly recover and expand through 2025, so Iron Associates is your go-to contractor as you grow and scale your business.

Welding Services for oil and gas industry

Oil and Gas Welding Services  

Welding Services for oil and gas industry in Pennsylvania

Turnkey Construction

  • Bulk storage tanks

  • Load racks

  • Vapor recovery systems

Welding Services for Pennsylvania oil and gas industry


  • Preventative maintenance

  • 24/7 emergency calls

  • Mobile welding and fabrication services

  • Cleaning pig launchers and receivers

  • Pipe modifications and repairs

  • And much more!

 Welding Services in Pennsylvania for Oil and Gas

New Construction

  • Piping spools and sub-assemblies

  • Pipework—installation, modifications, and repair

  • Piping delivery and assembly or you can conveniently pick up in our lay-down yard

  • Regulator and metering stations

  • Smart pig launchers and receivers

  • Fabrication and installation of cat-walks, handrails, and gratings

  • Structural steel fabrication and erection for buildings and ancillary equipment

  • General construction

Welding Services for Pennsylvania Oil and Gas industry

Why Partner with Iron Associates, Inc.

By keeping the majority of the services in-house, we are able to better control costs. That means not only do we help save you time from not having to look for several contractors, but you save money too.


If you are looking for a mechanical contractor for your oil and gas needs, please contact us today for a free quote.

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